> Hmm.  This should be non-fatal in any event, but which header does it
> include to get it's htons() and htonl() prototypes?  <netinet/in.h>,
> <arpa/inet.h>, or <sys/param.h>?
> > Yes. Recent changes to netinet/in.h have made it require the inclusion
> > of arpa/inet.h. As well, arpa/inet.h must include netinet/in.h. IOW,
> > each
> > of these files must #include the other in order to work correctly.

>From reading all the posts, I believe the solution has been to manually
modify the kde port to do this.

> This is almost completely bogus.  I recently saw a PR of similar
> bogusness.
This was most likely quoted from the same person who submitted the pr you
read.  I'm not sure how I can help you because I'm not a programmer, but I'd
be happy to boot into -current and give you any information you need if
there is actually a problem(I don't totally understand what it is at the

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