At 4:57 AM +1100 3/9/02, Bruce Evans wrote:
>I'm surprised that everyone hasn't complained about world breakage
>from this.  It has been broken for almost 2 weeks now.  Everything
>that goes near ntohl and has WARNS >= 2 fails to compile.  Without
>WARNS, the bug is reported as above, but a bogus version of __hton*
>is found in the library and only optimization of hton* is broken.

Well, I get compile-time warning messages when doing a buildworld
of current, but nothing actually breaks.  I do not do much of
anything fancy with resetting WARNS, so my guess is that the
"default buildworld settings" will not run into a show-stopping
error due to these loose ends.

I think part of it is that some things (like 'lpr' for instance)
were changed to use 'BDECFLAGS' instead of some compiler-specific
list of flags (in -stable lpr has '-Wall -Wnested-externs
-Wmissing-prototypes -Wno-unused -Wredundant-decls

That probably sounds like a step up in warning level, except that
we also removed BDECFLAGS from /etc/defaults/make.conf.  In fact,
there is no /etc/defaults/make.conf in current, it was moved to
/usr/share/examples/etc/make.conf.  So I expect that most people
(including me) have effectively gone to compiling with zero special
CWARNFLAGS parameters for those modules.

I'll make a wild guess and say that it's possible that Bruce might
have some BDECFLAGS set in his /etc/make.conf, so he is probably
seeing more warning messages than the average person...

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