On Sun, Mar 10, 2002 at 10:07:07AM -0500, Robert Watson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> (1) Is serial break currently broken in -CURRENT
> (2) Is serial break currently broken in 'cu'?
> I have't had a chance to follow up on either, but was wondering if anyone
> else had experienced this?  Essentially, hitting ~# in cu no longer
> results in boxes dropping to the debugger.  Enabling the alternative break
> and using ~^B works fine, and Ctrl-Alt-Escape works fine on the real
> console.

I've been unable to send break using -current cu to some Cisco's
which I had to configure recently. Ecu from ports did work however.
As I was -stable user some weeks ago I know that cu in -stable did
work. The other thing I noticed was that -current cu handles speed
switch differently, e.g.:
stable: cu -l /dev/cuaa1 -9600 works well
current: cu -l /dev/cuaa1 -9600 will connect to cuaa0 not
cuaa1.. -s 9600 will work however.
What I recall is that some time back uucp was shaken out of base
system and cu also, cu's functionality was folded back to tip.
Stable indeed has different tip and cu binaries, in -current there's
hard link.

Vallo Kallaste

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