Wilko Bulte <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> It could be that the DS10 was sufficiently catatonic to not react to
> a break (how likely is that in the first place? I was looking at a hard
> lockup).

If you experience one of the lockups that currently plague
-CURRENT/alpha, the machine won't react to break, ctrl-alt-esc, or
anything else except HALT and RESET.

> Now that I followed Drew's suggestion to
> <quote>
> I suggest reverting rev 1.61 of alpha/alpha/interrupt.c (eg, disable
> interrupt thread preemption).
> </quote>
> I have not seen a lockup anymore.

Neither have I, but I have only been running with it for a day, and
it has previously managed to survive for up to two days without
locking up.

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