On Sun, 10 Mar 2002, Vallo Kallaste wrote:

> work. The other thing I noticed was that -current cu handles speed
> switch differently, e.g.:
> stable: cu -l /dev/cuaa1 -9600 works well
> current: cu -l /dev/cuaa1 -9600 will connect to cuaa0 not
> cuaa1.. -s 9600 will work however.
> What I recall is that some time back uucp was shaken out of base
> system and cu also, cu's functionality was folded back to tip.
> Stable indeed has different tip and cu binaries, in -current there's
> hard link.

The -current cu is a crock of tip.  One of the bugs in it is that
"cu -l /dev/foo" doesn't use the default line speed for /dev/foo; it
enforces 9600.  This is bug for bug compatible with the V7 cu except
for the unusably slow speed of 9600.  For perfect brokenness, the
default speed should be 300.


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