> > At the risk of being yelled at, I have a question: Why do we still need to
> > support a.out? I know that a lot of people MIGHT still have some a.out
> > binaries lying around, but FreeBSD's default binary format has been ELF
> > for 3 or 4 years (Since 3.0-3.1 I believe). I'm not saying that we should
> > entirely switch over to the regular gnu toolchain, but is it really
> > necessary to keep supporting a.out? Just my $0.02
> The switchover is not trivial.  You're asking someone to do
> work for something that's not really valuable to them.
> There are certain boot code features that require the use of
> a.out kernels; this is less an issue than it was, but there
> were a number of things lost when we went to the new loader
> that are important for embedded environments.
> Cross-building for older platforms (not as big an issue, IMO).
> Other reasons I haven't even thought of yet.... 8-).
Yeah, I was just wondering if there were issues making us keep a.out stuff
in FreeBSD aside from the "I wanna run 2.2.x programs" issue.


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