On 2002-03-15 22:11, Kenneth Culver wrote:
> > #include <rehash.h>, see the thread we had on this a few weeks back on
> > -chat.
> >
> OK, I'll look, but I disagree... Mozilla runs flawlessly for me, and
> renders much faster than netscape, however it loads really slow. Opera
> runs nicely too, although it's linux only.

Netscape is still the only viable alternative for computers with less than
128 MB of physical memory, in places where other browsers can't be
installed for various reasons though.  I've always meant to give galeon a
try, but I don't want to install half of Gnome to avoid downloading
Netscape's 15 MB binary.  Downloading more than 15 MB of Gnome libs can
hardly be called 'better'.

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