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Hi again,

> > I don't have a debug kernel, those are the boot floppies downloaded from
> > current.freebsd.org. If it helps, the snapshot floppies from 11th of
> > March work, every floppy made after that date fails with the same error.
> > I'm going to install that snapshot, upgrade the system and try to
> > reproduce the error with a debug kernel.
> Ok.  If you can figure out what kernel commit broke things that would be very
> helpful.  Thanks!

As someone else pointed out, it seems to be a problem with corrupted
floppy images. I've succesfully built kernels from the 20th and 21st of
March (using those ssys tarballs), and they boot fine. There seems to be
a problem with the floppy images generated after the 11th of March. I'm
not sure what can be causing this, but the kernel problem can be
discarded, those kernels boot fine from harddisk. I'm going to build a
floppy image when I get some time and report my results here.

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