matusita> I doubt there is a problem around libz (which is updated
matusita> between two JPSNAPs shown above), since the kernel in
matusita> kern.flp is gzipped, but most users doesn't gzip their
matusita> kernel on HDD.

Yeah, bingo! :-)

My friend on IRC confirms that 'gzip'-ed kernel on HDD doesn't boot.
gzip's compression level doesn't matter; gzip -9 kernel (the same
option of boot floppy's kernel) and gzip kernel (no option) is the
same result.

I've swapped kern.flp's /boot/loader (actually kgzip-ed loader(8)) to
older one, and it works perfectly.  All problems are in loader(8).

loader(8) uses libstand, and libstand have a part of libz code.  After
importing new libz, something goes wrong with libstand.

Anybody know typical pitfalls of using new libz?  I've seen some
commits for adapting the new libz, but sorry I forget what they were.

-- -
Makoto `MAR' Matsushita

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