'BTX halted' on floppy boot is still a problem on 5-current.  Nobody
can install latest 5-current (not 5.0-DP1 :-) to a fresh PC at this time.

debolaz> Well, here's a dump from me too, it's
debolaz> 5.0-CURRENT-20020313-JPSNAP, the first snap from
debolaz> snapshots.jp.freebsd.org which has the problem.

I also confirmed this.  5.0-CURRENT-20020312-JPSNAP goes fine, but
5.0-CURRENT-20020313-JPSNAP make 'BTX halted'.  My sample is:

int=00000006  err=00000000  efl=00000006  eip=c03069d7
eax=00000081  ebx=0082fc00  ecx=00000000  edx=00000102
esi=0082f000  edi=00837000  ebp=c0832d94  esp=c0832d94
cs=0008  ds=0010  es=0010    fs=0010  gs=0010  ss=0010
es:eip=ff ff 18 57 56 53 a1 44-15 37 c0 a3 c4 76 38 c0
       a1 48 15 37 c0 a3 7c 77-38 c0 05 a0 1d ff ff a3
ss:esp=00 00 00 00 94 93 12 c0-00 70 83 00 00 f0 82 00
       00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00-00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
BTX halted


I doubt there is a problem around libz (which is updated between two
JPSNAPs shown above), since the kernel in kern.flp is gzipped, but
most users doesn't gzip their kernel on HDD.

Any testers (who have 5-current PC, installworlded after Mar/13/2002)
who try to gzip their kernel, and try to boot from that?

-- -
Makoto `MAR' Matsushita

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