[Quoting Hugo van der Sanden, on May 1 2002, 15:06, in "Re: Save a few hunde"]
> Johan Vromans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> :Whatever approach we take, two major problems must be solved to
> :accomplish this:
> : 1: A perl distribution must be able to be (re)located anywhere and
> :    use itself as a starting point to find its additional libraries
> :    and modules.
> :    The way ActiveState's rpm handles it (by patching the binaries and
> :    scripts) works, but defeats the rpm functionality to verify an
> :    installation.
> : 2: Add-on modules (base-perl and site-perl) must be able to fit
> :    themselves into an existing perl installation so they can be
> :    distributed in prebuilt form.
> :
> :In short, we need componentized, prebuilt distributions.
> :
> :Is this being worked on already?
> Not that I'm aware; volunteers welcome.

Okay, I'll bite.
Who joins?

-- Johan

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