Mark Murray <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
:> I think Perl should be broken into two pieces: a "miniperl" distribution
:> that is called "Perl" and a separate "Standard Perl Module Library"
:> distribution.  They would be versioned separately so what's considered part
:> of the core Perl language isn't confused with what version of or
:> other random module is included with a Perl distribution.  It's clear that
:> the modules evolve much faster than Perl's release cycle, so the Perl
:> Library distribution could simply be on its release cycle.
:I would be _delighted_ with this arrangement! *BSD could use the
:"Perl" dist, and libraries would be excellent ports-fodder.

This was an issue raised at the perl5-porters meeting during the
conference in San Diego last year. I don't remember the details
precisely - I'm trying to track them down - but as far as I can
recall some consensus was reached that it should in principle be
possible to find a way to offer particular subsets or supersets
of the standard perl installation.

There are some problems to be overcome, not least the social ones
("my ISP won't install CPAN packages"), but it may be possible to
overcome some of them by providing installations targeted at
particular domains - 'perl for booting', 'perl for ISPs' etc -
with the same imprimatur as Perl itself. I hope to see some
progress made on this in the 5.10 cycle.


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