On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 04:22:44AM +0100, Hugo van der Sanden wrote:
> There are some problems to be overcome, not least the social ones
> ("my ISP won't install CPAN packages"), but it may be possible to
> overcome some of them by providing installations targeted at
> particular domains - 'perl for booting', 'perl for ISPs' etc -
> with the same imprimatur as Perl itself. I hope to see some
> progress made on this in the 5.10 cycle.

The "my ISP won't install CPAN packages" problem would be solved by my
proposal of having separate perl-5.10.0 and perl-library-1.0
distributions because *both* would be recommended to be installed by
the Perl community, and the world-at-large would learn that they
really need to install both to match the functionality of previous
releases of perl.  My proposal also makes it easy to create the
targetted Perl installations that you're suggesting:


A user would install perl-5.10.0 then choose the Perl module library
most relevant to his/her domain of interest.  They could each have
individual release cycles, and the responsibility for the domain-
specific Perl libraries could be delegated to the groups that have the
most experience within those domains.


        -- Johnny Lam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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