On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 03:00:45PM -0500, Fisher Mark wrote:
> > One possible solution might be as follow;
> > 
> > rename /usr/src/contrib/perl5 to /usr/src/contrib/miniperl5
> > 
> > and just add enough file to build miniperl.
> I've read all the messages in this thread, but I'm still unclear -- are we
> talking about building the "miniperl" that Perl already creates during the
> build process?  If not, the minimal perl for building the FreeBSD kernel
> should have a different name, like:
>       smallperl
>       modestperl
>       tightperl
>       midgetperl
>       petiteperl
> or something similar.  I see much potential for confusion if "miniperl"
> means different Perl builds in different contexts.

Yes, if it is anything more than the one single executable "miniperl",
it should be called something else (it probably should have something
a little bit more, again, see Debian's perl-base for a reasonable set
of functionality).

I STRONGLY suggest that this discussion should get it's own mailing list,
though, this is off topic for both perl5-porters and freebsd-current.
I'm certain both those lists are busy enough, and OS distrib people
need a common ground.

[EMAIL PROTECTED]?  Ask, could you create the list?

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