> But to sensibly strip down the distribution to just as much as needed 
> does take a lot of something the most precious -- intellectual power.  
> That I consider a waste.  I don't think anyone objects that there are 
> several hundred, or even thousand, files under /usr/src so long as it 
> builds and so long as it nicely fits -- say, in a CD-ROM.  FreeBSD 
> 4.5-stable as of now is just 364,149 kBytes UNCOMPRESSED.  Why don't you 
> just untargz what Perl 5 porter has to offer and forget about what files 
> should go and stay?  You can easily install only needed parts.

Well, my understanding is that this is exactly what Mark is talking
about-- for the needs of the FreeBSD itself (build, pksrc?) they don't
need all of Perl.  For that miniperl or something like Debian's
perl-base where you don't start by leaving out what you don't need but
instead by taking in only what one absolutely needs.

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