:> > lot more warnings with us, you should use -DNO_WERROR until the dust
:> > of the GCC 3.1 import settles down.
:> If everyone is using  -DNO_WERROR, then who would report build
:> problems :-).
:Because we are wanting for people to let the dust settle on the switch to
:GCC 3.1.  It is best for people to juse use -DNO_WERROR for now.

    Ahhh.. so *that's* why everything broke when I did a full update.

    You know, every time I update my -current sources it's winding up
    taking me an entire day to get things to build again.  This is the third
    time that's happened.  I have spent at least 5 hours building the world
    and the kernel over and over again to try to produce a bootable system.
    The annoyance factor is quite high.

    It would be more considerate of comitters if they would adjust the
    defaults for these things so at the very least one can buildworld or
    buildkernel without having to do something special.  It may be best
    for *you* not to spend the time, but look at the huge amount of other
    people's time that is being wasted by these little snafus!  I do 
    appreciate all the compiler tools work, I know it isn't easy.  I'm just
    asking that a little more care be taken in regards to the other
    developers trying to work with -current (which is more and more these
    days).  Don't expose breakage to the whole development community on

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