:>     You know, every time I update my -current sources it's winding up
:>     taking me an entire day to get things to build again.
:There are cases where updating with the `new files' requires that you
:have updated to the `new files', aka chicken and egg problems.  This
:is true with the -DNO_WERROR thing, in my opinion.  Let's not blame
:David O'Brien for anything, since he's doing such a huge amount of
:work already :/
:After all, this is -CURRENT.
:It's not even guaranteed to work at all times ;-)
:- Giorgos

    It's just that it gets frustrating.  If there were only one problem
    with the build then, sure, no big deal.  But between the filesystem
    import, compiler upgrade, and the warnings failures it has taken all
    day for me just to get to the point where it is now dying on Greg's
    doc commit.  And when we get past that problem will another hit us? 
    I'll probably wind up having to build the world a dozen times before I
    get something I can install.  Throw in ipfw changes and the fact that
    procfs does not work with the old mount binary and it's taken
    quite a bit of munging to just be able to build, install, and run a new
    kernel, let alone the world.

    I'm going to try make -k next but I don't have high hopes.

                                        Matthew Dillon 
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