David O'Brien wrote:
> > > Warnings are treated as errors.  Since GCC 3.1 has brought a hell of a
> > > lot more warnings with us, you should use -DNO_WERROR until the dust
> > > of the GCC 3.1 import settles down.
> >
> > If everyone is using  -DNO_WERROR, then who would report build
> > problems :-).
> Because we are wanting for people to let the dust settle on the switch to
> GCC 3.1.  It is best for people to juse use -DNO_WERROR for now.
> Patience.

Both Twins:     "Wonder Twin powers, Activate!"
Jayna:          "Take the form of ... patches!"
Zan:            "Take the form of ... a complaining email!"
Gleek the code monkey:  "Gleek!  Gleeeeeek!  Gleek!"

[ ... meanwhile, in the cartoon viewers' cave ... ]

Bob:            "That second Wonder Twin really has an incredibly
                 lame power!"
Tom:            "Pass the potato chips!"

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-- Terry

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