On 2002-05-19 13:31, Matthew Dillon wrote:
> David O'Brien wrote:
>:Because we are wanting for people to let the dust settle on the switch to
>:GCC 3.1.  It is best for people to juse use -DNO_WERROR for now.
>     Ahhh.. so *that's* why everything broke when I did a full update.
>     You know, every time I update my -current sources it's winding up
>     taking me an entire day to get things to build again.

There are cases where updating with the `new files' requires that you
have updated to the `new files', aka chicken and egg problems.  This
is true with the -DNO_WERROR thing, in my opinion.  Let's not blame
David O'Brien for anything, since he's doing such a huge amount of
work already :/

After all, this is -CURRENT.
It's not even guaranteed to work at all times ;-)

- Giorgos

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