> I think that if this is going to result in MFC's of things that
> change the libraries for 4.6, that the update of the libc image
> in 5.x for -compat is going to have to wait for 4.6-RELEASE.

That's a good idea.

> I also think that it may mean another major version number change,
> since there's aren't real minor version numbers any more.  8-(.

That surly not necessary. We only have major version number change
if we change from Releng Majors 3->4, 4->5. This is just compat
stuff, and CURRENT is not yet production.

> > so it doesn't coredump anymore doing the tests. Which means
> > fixing gcc31 in CURRENT, since the package was build on STABLE
> > with gcc31 from ports.
> That last sentence is hard to parse unambiguously.

stlport breacks within openoffice in CURRENT, or seperatly build
as a port. I'll have to test if it breaks also with the newest
snapshot from ports.

> Are you saying that it breaks because of -current, or are you
> saying it breaks because of the compiler change, or are you
> saying that the compiler in ports is different than the compiler
> that's now in 5.x?

I guess the latest is true. We have a newer snapshot in ports than
in CURRENT. It will be true if gcc31 in CURRENT can build it and
make a running version.

> As a note, I would ask if "DESTDIR" was being set or not?  It
> may be that the reason it's working is that you are getting the
> old compiler headers instead of the new ones, when you compile
> it with the new compiler on -stable (I've noted this problem
> before; the first time was in 1998).

That's not possible. I'd get to many errors then. I've gcc31 specific
includes and they work fine.


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