Bill Fenner wrote:
> I know that the specific mergemaster issues have been addressed, but I
> thought this experience pointed out something subtly astonishing, so I
> figured I'd point it out.
> I ran mergemaster, and the perl wrapper started complaining that I
> needed to install perl, so I did "pkg_add -r perl".  The port talked
> all about "use.perl port" or "use.perl system", but I figured
> "system" was "wrapper" so I didn't bother running use.perl .  I tried
> "perl -de 0", and voila, I had perl.  So I ran mergemaster again,
> and the wrapper started complaining again that I needed to install
> perl.
> Turns out that mergemaster sets a restrictive PATH, and the wrapper
> (apparently) looks for the "real" perl in the PATH.  This can be
> awfully confusing -- "/usr/bin/perl" works, but "env PATH=/usr/bin perl"
> doesn't work.

        Actually in the case of the old mergemaster, I don't think even
/usr/bin/perl would have worked, since PATH would still exclude
/usr/local/bin, therefore the wrapper wouldn't have found it. 

> I ran "use.perl port", and that gave me a working perl for mergemaster.
> Interestingly, "use.perl system" didn't give me back the perl wrapper;
> I'm not sure what I got.  Sigh.

        I think I have a new version of use.perl that will handle this problem.
I'm fixin' to post the patch. 


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