I am having a problem with a new server that I am setting up to host my
UseNet news and email.

        1.26GHz 512MB/L1 Cache
        768MB PC133 Memory
        4x60GB UDMA100 IDE Drives
        4x36GB 160MBit SCSI Drives

OS:     5.0-CURRENT (yes I know, but I have been CURRENT since 386bsd 0.1)
        INN 2.3.3
        Sendmail w/amavisd milter

This machine has been running for about 2 months on CURRENT with no
problems, but I recently upgraded the CPU from an 866 to the new one.  At
that time, I also planned to replace the motherboard with a new Intel SAI2
dual processor board, add a 2nd processor and drop in 3x512MB ECC
Registered DIMMs.  So I built and installed a more current CURRENT and
added SMP to the config for my kernel.  The motherboard was defective, so
I put back in the original board and memory chips, while I wait for the
replacement board.  The 2nd night after the build was done, I started
having memory/swap/wired problems.  I rebuilt the kernel for UP operation,
but the problems have not gone away.

Machine averages about 95% idle all day except during news expiration.
For the first day, it averages around 45M wired.  'inn' process is about
137MB RSS.  During expiration there is an understandable spike in CPU and
Swap activity.  'expire' process is about 259MB RSS.  When the expiration
completes there is about 254MB still wired.  The second night it goes to
500+MB wired and the system never finishes expiration before I get a call
that email is down.  I have actually gone out and killed every process
running on the machine that I can (including inetd, syslogd, cron, sshd,
sendmail and inn).  The wired memory is never released until I reboot the

Any ideas (other than going to STABLE :)?

- brian

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