Wm Brian McCane wrote:

>I am having a problem with a new server that I am setting up to host my
>UseNet news and email.
>       1.26GHz 512MB/L1 Cache
>       768MB PC133 Memory
>       4x60GB UDMA100 IDE Drives
>       4x36GB 160MBit SCSI Drives
>OS:    5.0-CURRENT (yes I know, but I have been CURRENT since 386bsd 0.1)
>       INN 2.3.3
>       Sendmail w/amavisd milter
>       ipop3d
>This machine has been running for about 2 months on CURRENT with no
>problems, but I recently upgraded the CPU from an 866 to the new one.  At
>that time, I also planned to replace the motherboard with a new Intel SAI2
>dual processor board, add a 2nd processor and drop in 3x512MB ECC
>Registered DIMMs.  So I built and installed a more current CURRENT and
>added SMP to the config for my kernel.  The motherboard was defective, so
>I put back in the original board and memory chips, while I wait for the
>replacement board.  The 2nd night after the build was done, I started
>having memory/swap/wired problems.  I rebuilt the kernel for UP operation,
>but the problems have not gone away.
>Machine averages about 95% idle all day except during news expiration.
>For the first day, it averages around 45M wired.  'inn' process is about
>137MB RSS.  During expiration there is an understandable spike in CPU and
>Swap activity.  'expire' process is about 259MB RSS.  When the expiration
>completes there is about 254MB still wired.  The second night it goes to
>500+MB wired and the system never finishes expiration before I get a call
>that email is down.  I have actually gone out and killed every process
>running on the machine that I can (including inetd, syslogd, cron, sshd,
>sendmail and inn).  The wired memory is never released until I reboot the
The only issue that I've had that remotely resembles that involes CPU 
usage, not memory.  Assuming your statistics are from top(1), can you 
try 'top -S' to display what system process resources are also?  I'm 
betting it's some system task, since your killing user processes has had 
no effect.  (btw my issue is the "irq10:" task seemingly locked in 
*Giant state and sucking >50% the CPU/WCPU measure.)

Anthony Jenkins

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