Ok so Usability for the average command line user is
very good. David Xu tracked down a problem that was 
eluding me with SMP machines. Matt is tracking down
something that may be giving some instability
but may also be related to what David found.
He however gets the award for most confusing 
debug messages when he managed to get both of his CPUs
to enter teh debugger at the same time. I thought that was
impossible, but it definitly happenned. (or it certainly
looked that way to me :-)

The big problem at the moment is that something in the 
source tree as a whole, and probably something that came in with KSE
is stopping us from successfully compiling a working libc_r.
(a bit ironic really).

A libc_r imported from a system that is not yet upgraded to have 
KSE sources works fine. A libc_r from a KSE machine
will not work correctly on the KSE machine or the pre-KSE machine.

The sources are identical, so some thing else in the tree must be
influencing its correctness.

the result of this problem is that KDE and Gnome apps that
are linked with a libc_r created on this system.

The test directory in the libc sources is giving me some avenues to
work on but I must say, given allthe things that could have gone wrong
in the kernel, I'm surprised that the largest problem seems to
have come from a userland library that I haven't touched :-/


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