> BTW feel free to spend some time helping try figire out why libc_r
> is bombing out. It's not an exclusive club :-)

I took a stab at hunting it down, I think I may've found it in the
libc_r, not the kern

src/lib/libc_r/uthread/uthread_kern.c, in the neighborhood of line 172,
the last line of _thread_kern_sched() is 

        ___longjmp(_thread_kern_sched_jb, 1);

I think that's where the crash is. the setjmp is in uthread_init.c, on
line 320, "_setjmp(_thread_kern_sched_jb);", but that function doesn't
seem to be called? I put some printf's with fflush's in there and I'm
not seeing them come up. Maybe I'm misreading something, but that seems
to me to be the issue, _thread_kern_sched_jb having junk when it gets
longjmp'd... I'm really not quite what all goes into this, so I'm
throwing this out to let more experienced minds consider it? :) I think
I'm going to wait an hour or two before trying to fix it, maybe someone
sees this as a quick fix

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