On Tuesday 02 July 2002 12:57 am, Julian Elischer wrote:
> Ok so Usability for the average command line user is
> very good. David Xu tracked down a problem that was
> eluding me with SMP machines. Matt is tracking down
> something that may be giving some instability
> but may also be related to what David found.
> He however gets the award for most confusing
> debug messages when he managed to get both of his CPUs
> to enter teh debugger at the same time. I thought that was
> impossible, but it definitly happenned. (or it certainly
> looked that way to me :-)


I just wanted to add that I have no problems with KSE. All of my apps are 
working normally and I haven't had any panics. I was a bit worried about KDE, 
but it works correctly as well. BTW im running -current from yesterday.
Good job,

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