George V. Neville-Neil writes:
 > Hi,
 >      I know everyone says "they all work" but i'd like some recommendations on
 > MP machines for -CURRENT work.  I'll be ordering one this week.

I'm in the market for a new SMP x86 workstation to replace my aging
alpha desktop.

What's the state of ACPI (or apm?) support for SMP machines on
current?  I'd like to be able to suspend the machine to reduce heat
output and power consumption.

Is it currently possible to do the moral equivalent of what a laptop's
APM bios might call "suspend to memory on an SMP desktop?".  Eg, all
fans/disks stop spinning, CPUs halt, power consumption goes down to
5-10W, and the memory contents continue to be refreshed until you wake
the machine up?

Also, what's a commonly available quiet case?  The alpha's got so many
fans that I think I'm starting to go deaf and I'd like a much less
noisy machine.



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