On Tue, 2002-07-16 at 17:25, Eric Anholt wrote:
> As far as the Wraphelp.c issues, I'm working on cleaning that mess up
> right now (testing the patch on a full XFree86-4 build on clean
> -current).

I've put the patch up at
It does the following:
- Make me maintainer of imake-4 port.  It's very much a part of the X-4
build, and was supposed to be in the take-over-maintainership commit.
- Make the X-4 miniports use imake-4's HasXdmAuth setting (the
use-Wraphelp.c option) and copy Wraphelp.c (unconditionally).
- Adds USE_PERL5 to imake-4 because perl's required for the install of
it.  This will also cover perl dependencies for the rest of the X-4.
- Rewords some of the comments in XFree86-4-*/scripts/configure.

It notably doesn't include md5summing of Wraphelp.c.  If I can find
what's the 'best' Wraphelp.c (and most legal?  What's the status of
wraphelp importing/exporting?), I'll switch it.  Is there any
circumstance when someone wouldn't have access to Wraphelp.c?

If this works for other people, I'll work on getting it committed.


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