At 7:27 PM -0600 7/16/02, Eric Anholt wrote:
>It notably doesn't include md5summing of Wraphelp.c.  If I can
>find what's the 'best' Wraphelp.c (and most legal?  What's the
>status of wraphelp importing/exporting?), I'll switch it.  Is
>there any circumstance when someone wouldn't have access to

I thought the whole point of Wraphelp.c was that the person who
runs the machine (whatever machine X is being installed on) has
to obtain that file, so they would have to explicitly verify that
they -- personally -- have the right to use it.

Mind you, I did that once about seven years ago, and I just keep
copying that Wraphelp.c around to wherever I need it.  I have no
idea what the current requirement is...   :-)

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