As the snapshot manager at would be aware,
current's release building capability is woeful to say the least. A fair
bit of tidying up will need to be done for DP2.
I've managed to complete a successful release build of current with a
checkout of two days ago. For those interested, here's what I had to do:

the mfsroot floppy contents were too large
- edit /usr/src/release/i386/drivers.conf and move the following drivers
  from floppy 2 to floppy3: aue, cue, em, kue, sk, ti, wb, xe, and the
  SYSV stuff
- edit /usr/src/release/scripts/driver-copy2.awk to not error when it
  encounters the floppy 3 candidates

the kern floppy contents were too large
- edit /usr/src/release/i386/ and get sed to remove more
  drivers from MFSROOT. The drivers are: eisa, ahb, isp, ses

the fixit floppy contents were too large
- edit /usr/src/release/i386/fixit_crunch.conf and remove the following
  programs: mount_msdosfs restore rrestore telnet

As you can see, all three 1.44MB floppies run out of space. With the
above changes, the build just scrapes by. I'd imagine that the changes
I made still wouldn't be enough for a release build to be successful
for PC98 or Alpha.
I'm happy to help resolve the release building issue if anybody is

Chris Knight
Systems Administrator
AIMS Independent Computer Professionals
Tel: +61 3 6334 6664  Fax: +61 3 6331 7032  Mob: +61 419 528 795

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