Murray Stokely wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 08:33:38AM -0400, W Gerald Hicks wrote:
> > Yup, it's been reported several times by various people and it seems
> > everyone
> > who can help is too busy to care.
> >
> > "This isn't fun anymore".   :-(
>   Uhm, did I miss something?  Where does this attitude come from?  Did
> you submit some patches for these problems that were ignored or
> something?  Can we try to be a little more constructive here about
> solving problems?

You're jumping on him a bit hard.  It's pretty obvious that:

1)      It used to work
2)      Someone changed something that broke things
3)      People complained about the breakage
4)      The someone who broke things didn't unbreak them

The simplest patch is obtained from:

        cvs diff -D "date before it broke"

i.e.: back out whatever change is screwing everyone over.

It's a reasonable thing to want, if the original author of
the breakage is unwilling/unable to unbreak things.

-- Terry

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