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> Oof.  It's like our binaries are suddenly very bloated.  Did this
> start very recently (like in the past few days?)  Perhaps
> -mcpu=pentiumpro bloats things and we should use NO_CPU_FLAGS when
> building crunches, etc.  We might also want to use -Os instead of
> -O when building the kernels and crunches as well.
I had been doing semi-regular builds (twice weekly) up until early
June. However, kernel stability then became an issue for me.
Looking at, releases stopped being built 
on June 21, with the exception of July 7 and 8.
I've been given some useful suggestions. I shall now go and do some
more builds, then summarise the size changes to the list. It will
take a while - my -current build box is a PII-300 laptop.
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