On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, John Baldwin wrote:

> On 31-Jul-2002 Chris Knight wrote:
> > ...
> > the mfsroot floppy contents were too large
> > ...
> > the kern floppy contents were too large
> > ...
> > the fixit floppy contents were too large
> > ...
> Oof.  It's like our binaries are suddenly very bloated.  Did this start
> very recently (like in the past few days?)  Perhaps -mcpu=pentiumpro
> bloats things and we should use NO_CPU_FLAGS when building crunches,
> etc.

-mcpu=pentiumpro causes huge bloatage here (+400K text for a 2000K text
kernel IIRC).  I quickly turned it off here.

> We might also want to use -Os instead of -O when building the
> kernels and crunches as well.

I'm surprised -Os [-falign...] isn't already the default for crunches.


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