By the time 5.0 is released do you aim to complete all the planned
features at (like full kernel preemption) I know it's
a tentative list but still if there's a consensus about that let me know.
Will 5.0 stable be created after KSE milestone 4 commit?

I just wanted to know more about the release policy. After 5.0 stable is
released, is the development in the current branch completely be named
6.0? (and any possibly new features (like finer grained locking) will be
available in 6.0 stable) Or is the development in current tree will
continue to be merged with 5.x for some time?

And what's the latest about the Nvidia drivers? It's mentioned that
Nvidia has plans to produce the drivers for FreeBSD. I'd be happy to know
what's going on in that issue too.


On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, John Baldwin wrote:

> The kernel is already somewhat preemptive.  The kernel in 5.0 will certainly be
> preemptible, as making a kernel SMP safe makes it laregly preemptible (i.e,
> safe for preemption) as well.  Making the kernel "fully" preemptive (i.e., we
> can switch tasks on any setrunqueue() if the conditions favor that) is actually
> a fairly esay thing to do, I'm just not sure how well it works right now. :)  I
> just recently fixed some bugs in the alpha pmap code that should help out with
> getting our kernel closer to that goal.

On Wed, 22 May 2002, Kenneth Culver wrote:

> According to emails I've had back and forth with Matthew, nvidia won't be
> giving him anything else to work with. However, nvidia has freebsd drivers
> up and running in their labs or whatever, and should be releasing
> something soon.
> Ken

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