On Sat, Aug 03, 2002 at 06:38:11PM -0400, Matthew N. Dodd wrote:

>> ugh, sounds like the lip-service I was getting. "I'll look into that" :/
> No, they're working on it, and actually have GL running in the lab.
Well, and, as under Linux, there will be an a closed-source library and
a kernel module permamently takes kernel to the hell of core dumps?

>> I'm starting to ponder the legality and challenge involved in reverse
>> engineering the card and building a driver from scratch... maybe
>> something that works with X the X way (dri/drm)
> You're a funny guy.
There is another FreeBSD/NVidia Initiative to develop DRI-capable driver
for FreeBSD. Did you contact him?

> You'd be better off working with ATI or the PowerVR people.
You want to say me that there is an ATI graphics card that is more powerful
than NVidia GeForce?

Sorry, but FreeBSD is really good operating system. Good enough for use it
on servers. As a system programmer, I wish to have a copy of it on my home
desktop. And my son/daughter wish to play games on same desktop.

What should I do? Change video cards every day? Whatever?

Or use ancient 16-bit NVidia drivers not capable to use even 1152x864x110 Hz?


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