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> It sounds like dual booting would be a better idea here.  Boot into
> when you want to code, boot into Windows when your son/daughter wish
> to play games.

I don't think that's a good idea at all.  That FreeBSD is very good as a
server OS does not mean that
it should not support my graphics hardware. 3D/2D graphics is not only about
playing games. But the
problem here is with NVidia. Because they have to provide the drivers.
Selling a video card without specifying
how to access the video card is like selling a microwave oven without
labeled buttons.

Anyway some part of my original question isn't listed under freebsd current
mailing list archives.
I don't know what the problem was, but here's the more relevant part with
the current...
By the time 5.0 is released do you aim to complete all the planned
features at www.freebsd.org/smp? (like full kernel preemption) I know it's
a tentative list but still if there's a consensus about that let me know.
Will 5.0 stable be created after KSE milestone 4 commit?

I just wanted to know more about the release policy. After 5.0 stable is
released, is the development in the current branch completely be named
6.0? (and any possibly new features (like finer grained locking) will be
available in 6.0 stable) Or is the development in current tree will
continue to be merged with 5.x for some time?

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