On Sun, Aug 04, 2002 at 01:10:28PM -0400, Alp Atici wrote:
> By the time 5.0 is released do you aim to complete all the planned
> features at www.freebsd.org/smp? (like full kernel preemption) I know it's
> a tentative list but still if there's a consensus about that let me know.

The aim is to complete as many feature as possiblei without
shipping a broken 5.0.  There is, however, a limited number
of hands doing to dirty work.

> Will 5.0 stable be created after KSE milestone 4 commit?

No. 5.0-STABLE will be created after 5.0-RELEASE.  However,
Julian will probably have (a portion of) KSE milestone 4
committed before 5.0-RELEASE is released.

> I just wanted to know more about the release policy. 


> After 5.0 stable is released, is the development in the current
> branch completely be named 6.0?


> Or is the development in current tree will continue to be merged
> with 5.x for some time?

Features in the FreeBSD-current tree are often merged back to
FreeBSD-stable.  This include features in 5.x that get merged
back to FreeBSD 4.x.  There is no reason why features added
to 6.x can't be merged back to 5.x (other than man power).


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