I'm very pleased to announce that another engineering release
is available for download at


This release features several major changes and includes 
support for H4 UART and H2 USB transport layers, Host
Controller Interface (HCI), Link Layer Control and Adaptation
Protocol (L2CAP) and Bluetooth sockets layer. It also comes
with several user space utilities that can be used to configure
and test Bluetooth devices. Also there are several man pages.

o HCI and L2CAP code bug fixes

o Bluetooth sockets layer now supports raw HCI and L2CAP
  sockets and SEQPACKET L2CAP sockets. 

o SDP is now supported. I ported BlueZ-sdp-0.7 daemon,
  configuration tool and user space library. I also did
  basic interoperability testing with Linux (BlueZ) and
  Windows 2000 (3COM and Xircom stacks). It seems to work
  just fine.

o RFCOMM is now supported. I ported old BlueZ-rfcommd-1.1
  (no longer supported by BlueZ) daemon. This daemon provides
  RFCOMM service via pseudo ttys. It is not very useful for
  legacy applications, but i managed to run PPP over Bluetooth.
  I also did some basic interoperability testing with Linux
  (works) and Windows 2000 (Xircom stack - works, 3COM stack
  - does not work - crc errors).

  Note: this code isn't in very good shape and needs more
        cleanup and fixing. It still has some bugs.

I still would like to hear from people. I'm extremely
surprised that FreeBSD community seems not interested in
this at all. I got very few replies from few people
(Julian Elischer, Terry Lambert - thanks!) and that's it.

As usual, i would like to invite any interested individuals
to join the project and help me.


p.s. NetBSD folks seem to started work on Bluetooth too.


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