On Tue, 17 Sep 2002, Martin Blapp wrote:

> If you don't beleave it or not. I've taken out again (I've already
> switched them once) one bank of 512M ram and since then I've not had any
> panics anymore. 
> Can a ram error occur after a system has been fine one month ? 

Chances are, if you change an important variable such as memory size, it
will change the failure mode for this bug.  Carefully marking the memory
so you know which is which, find replacement memory of identical size and
other characteristics, and see if the failure comes back.  If the failure
comes back with different memory, the chances of it being a problem with
the memory are pretty low.  However, if you're going to halve the
available memory, you're going to substantially change the behavior of the
system for large and parallel builds, because the swapping/paging behavior
will probably be quite different, especially if your working set is larger
than 512mb and smaller than 1gb.  I.e., be careful that tweaks changing
the behavior of your system aren't just masking the real bug.

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