On 18 Sep, Martin Blapp wrote:
> Hi Robert,
>> Chances are, if you change an important variable such as memory size, it
>> will change the failure mode for this bug.  Carefully marking the memory
> Sigh.
> Looks like you are right. After running the system now for 8 hours,
> I got exactly the same crash as before. Again. It's the same crash
> you can download in 3 versions.
> I'll get today a new set of replacement ram, but I don't think that
> it will solve the problem.
> Also the radeon 8500 is out of beiing the suspect.
> It looks to me that the OS is again responsable.
> Strange thing is that:
> 1.  I had many SIG11 / SIG4 first, with completly different mem/mobo/PIV
>     processor. Not many panics at all. This happened with gcc 2.95, but
>     only at at few times.
> 2.  The problem persisted with gcc3.1 prerelease. The SIG11 / SIG4 were
>     now more often.
> 3.  I replaced the processor, the problem was still there.
> 4.  I replaced the mem, the problem was still there.
> 5.  I replaced the momo, mem, processor, still a Intel reference board.
> 6.  I installed STABLE. I was happy, no corruption/crashes at all.
> 7.  Finally found that DISABLE_PSE and DISABLE_PG made the bug disappear.
> 8.  I changed again the mobo. This time ASUS, but same I845 chipset.
>     The system run fine.
> 9.  Michael Reifenberger has the same panics, but he does not have
>     a pentium IV. He uses a pentium III.
> 10. Upgraded to gcc3.2. I was seeing now some SIG11 during builds,
>     and - panics ! Softupdates and fs panics mostly. I turned off
>     softupdates. The panic was different, but all the time it was
>     in mmap.

One thing you didn't mention was trying a different power supply.  A
marginal power supply can cause strange errors.  Increasing your memory
size from 512 MB to 1 GB might add just enough load to the supply to
push it over the edge ...

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