On Thu, 31 Oct 2002, Tim Kientzle wrote:

> I agree with David Schultz that dynamically linking
> /bin and /sbin is playing with fire.  I, too, have had
> ugly experiences on systems that did this:
> When /usr won't mount, it is not pleasant to be
> stuck with no tools.  (Consider a network environment
> where /usr is NFS-mounted as an extreme example.)

And of course the "answer" to that is to create a /lib. Something that I
would *never ever* want to see. Sure, a few people might throw around the
idea of an extremely light-weight set of libraries to go into /lib blah
blah. But I just don't like the idea. Why not create a minimalist C
library, build with -nostdlib and staticly link against exactly what you

I usually create a 128 or 64mb root, and the only time this gets "tight"
is when I keep too many kernels around in /boot. I seem to recall other
arguments being settled by the "disk space is extremely cheap" issue.

Call me crazy, but FreeBSD just has this "zen" feeling to it, and making
this kind of change doesnt feel very zennish. I'm sure there are greater
minds than mine working over this issue, but thats my $0.02.

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