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> And of course the "answer" to that is to create a /lib. Something that
> I would *never ever* want to see. Sure, a few people might throw
> around the

Why? I'd love to hear some real reasons for this. NetBSD-current has
just gone fully dynamic, let's see how much space that needs...

christine: {16} uname -srnm
NetBSD christine.energyhq.tk 1.6J i386
christine: {17} du -h /bin /sbin /lib
999K    /bin
1.7M    /sbin
2.0M    /lib

/lib keeps the required shared libs for those programs residing in

IMHO it would be beneficial to, at least, have the option to build a
fully dynamic system on FreeBSD.

NetBSD now defaults to fully dynamic, but you can set a knob in
/etc/mk.conf to get the old behaviour, how about something like that?

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