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> In this configuration I see a lot of "nfs server ...: is not responding"
> and "nfs server ...: is alive again" when I copy large files (e.g. a CD
> image). All of them happen in the same second. I haven't looked at the
> state or priority of the cp process when this happens.

I'm also seeing a similar problem - I have a cluster of high-volume
mailservers delivering mail over nfs to maildirs on a netapp.  The cluster
was all 4-stable, but I decided to mix a couple of 5.1 boxes in to see how
they would do.

The 5.1 boxes accepted and queued mail as well as the 4-stable boxes, but
delivering the mail into the maildirs over nfs, I kept seeing those
short-lived hangs, and so the queues started to back up as the boxes were
accepting mail faster than they could deliver it.

My mounts are all nfsv3 over udp.


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