On 8/9/18 5:00 PM, Guangyuan Yang wrote:
> Danilo G. Baio <db...@freebsd.org> 于2018年8月9日周四 上午6:20写道:
>> On Thu, Aug 09, 2018 at 09:55:28AM +0200, Benedict Reuschling wrote:
>> And we have PR's stuck for years with translations, this discourages any new
>> contributor.
>> What we are trying to do is to work with po files through Zanata, like 
>> pfSense
>> did.
>> This is just a test for who is interested:
>> https://translate.zanata.org/iteration/view/FreeBSD-pt_BR/test/documents?dswid=7254
>> There are people willing to help in the translation and this way they won't
>> need to deal with svn or to install any tool.
>> We just need to close a process about this and I'm having a good perspective
>> about Zanata.
>> We could even insert a stage in the translation process where FreeBSD members
>> need to check/approve the translations there. [2]
> Currently, as the sole doc committer / translator who is working on
> zh_CN tree, I really hope we could have web platforms that could
> minimize the learning curve for casual translators. I introduced
> several enthusiasts to the translation project, but as time passed by
> they all gave up even if I already simplified the process for them (to
> use git, GitHub and Poedit).

I made a few tests this morning.

poedit is crashing quite often for me. Maybe it's some bug triggered by
Italian encoding/characters(we use lots of accented letters, both acute
and grave depending on word meaning, actual grammatical rules are quite
strict too)). I have also tested gtranslator which looks more robust.

Apart from that a github workflow looks a little difficult, due to the
need to solve merge conflicts on the whole file, and the various tools
generating slightly different output.

I also know for sure some of the people I could get to help me don't use
git and would not be happy of it being mandatory for this work :)

> Zanata looks great, I will definitely try it out. Also, I loved the
> idea of a stage where FreeBSD members can check / approve the
> translation. Please keep me updated and let me know how I could help
> with the toolchain.

I created an account on zanata (madpilot) and I have made a quick test
with the handbook file. It looks like its doing what is needed and can
be used even by non developers (which is not quite true for git/github).

Regarding this, maybe creating a single "FreeBSD handbook" project could
be useful. Are other translators interested in testing having one common
project on this platform?

Looks like it is also possible to have multiple revisions in parallel,
so each language team can work on its own target revision of the
upstream handbook.

Otherwise each language team can have it's own project if a more
granular approach is deemed better.

Guido Falsi <madpi...@freebsd.org>
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