For those not following svn-src-head (or an equivalent list), there have
been a few pkgbase-related commits recently.  Of particular interest:

 1) The runtime package now depends on the kernel package.  This was
    done to force the kernel package to be installed before the userland
    so upgrades can be done in a manner following the recommended
    upgrade path for source-based upgrades in UPDATING.  (Meaning,
    install the kernel, reboot, install the userland, reboot.)  Which
    brings me to...

 2) A message is now printed, recommending the kernel package be
    upgraded with 'pkg install FreeBSD-kernel-${KERNCONF}', allowing the
    user to cancel the operation.  Note, the message is not printed if
    TERM is not set or ASSUME_ALWAYS_YES is true.

    In order to get this to work correctly when multiple kernels are
    built, the runtime package depends on the first, and only the first,
    kernel built (i.e., the first kernel listed in KERNCONF on the
    command line or in make.conf(5)).

I am only mentioning these in this email as they're user-facing, and
although I have tested things work as expected, I am sure someone will
run into something I have not considered.

That brings me to the update on packaging base.  There was a pkgbase
session held at BSDCam early this month, with a few notes taken.  I have
put the notes at the bottom of the pkgbase Wiki page:


In addition, I updated the page yesterday to reflect a few "things we
need" items that occurred to me over the past week or so.  There are
a few notes from the pkgbase session that do not provide enough
information or are unclear to me what is intended.  (Not to point out
anyone specific, but can whoever added "Userland packages sets" to the
list please clarify?)

Anyway, now that 11.1-RELEASE is done, I'm back to getting my hands
dirty with pkgbase, which I am sure some of you have guessed, right now
is targeted for 12.0-RELEASE.

(On a side note, who outside of bapt@ knows the gory internals of pkg(8)
and has commit access to the upstream repository?)



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