Hi Joe,

On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 08:18:19AM -0700, Joe Maloney wrote:
> Thanks for the update Glen.  For TrueOS we are running into a few
> interesting scenarios with pkg base which I think may be worth
> mentioning.
> * Due to the fact pc-sysinstall installs FreeBSD-* some users
> have packages such as FreeBSD-atm which are never cleaned up during
> upgrades.

Yes, this is one issue that has been outstanding for some time.
I thought it was already in the Wiki, but added it yesterday.

> * Since we have no mechanism of properly merging changes to /etc
> we simply copy files as needed with pc-updatemanager, and it is
> difficult to maintain what should be updated, merged, or removed.

This is another long-standing item in the list of things to fix, indeed.

> We know that the meta pkg for base, and etc upgrading are on the
> list of todos.  Just wanted to share the current status of pkg base
> in TrueOS.  If you are looking for feedback on particular things
> we can probably get that for you in short order.

Nothing specific that I can think of, but thank you for this feedback,
and of course for experimenting with this.


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