On 2016-10-17 13:27, Gerhard Schmidt wrote:

Please do not break systems without a really good reason. This we can
discus in 4 years when support for python2 will end, but not until than.

I agree with the bit of "let's not break systems", but not with the second part.

Meanwhile, pkg variants will actually help going forward with ports that can run py35, enabling environments that want to be py35 exclusive while at the same time provide py27 environments where needed.

So instead of "let's [do nothing and] discuss this in 4 years" I propose "let's see how to get variants going" :)


Because that 2.x EOL will come sooner than some would like and all those "let's discuss this later" systems will find themselves in hot water. I've been through that with PHP 5.3, needing to support clients that still, in 2016, required PHP <5.3 ....


Vlad K.
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