On 17/10/2016 6:22 AM, Ruslan Makhmatkhanov wrote:
> Hi,
> Python 2.7 will have no upstream support after 2020, and right now it
> no more getting new features. So I'd want to start poisoning^W
> introducing python3 into user system via ports tree and here is what
> I suggest to start to do right now:
> - if port has a build dependency upon python and it can be built
> both with python2 and python3, force it to build with python3 - if
> some standalone application can be running both with python2 and 
> python3 and it have equivalent python3 dependencies, force it to be
> run with python3
> We also need to explicitly mark python2-only ports to simplify
> switching to python3 as default at some point of time.
> What you guys think about? If there is general consensus, we may
> enforce this via Porters Handbook.

I suggest we document something like a 'Road to Python 3 as Default'
page in the Python/ wiki outlining the goal (with timelines),
motivation, potential problems and possible alternative methods. Kind of
like a Python PEP.

I know quite a few other people have discussed at various times and in
various levels of detail what & how FreeBSD might move to Python 3 by
default, including some potential pitfalls that may need to be addressed.

Vlad (cc'd) for example has been running an ongoing experimental Python
3 poudriere build to identify problematic ports for a while now.

It would be good to bring all of that pre-existing discussion together.

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