Gerhard Schmidt wrote on 10/17/2016 11:07:
Am 16.10.2016 um 21:22 schrieb Ruslan Makhmatkhanov:
- if port has a build dependency upon python and it can be built both
with python2 and python3, force it to build with python3
- if some standalone application can be running both with python2 and
python3 and it have equivalent python3 dependencies, force it to be run
with python3

What do you mean by "force it"?.

I mean set USES=python3.3+ for such ports.

I agree python3 should be the default choice for all ports that can be
installed with both python 2 and 3 if there is no python on the system.
if python2 is already installed and python3 is not python2 should be
used to reduce possible incompatibilities between programs.


Please see my comments to Vlad's response. This does not involve python "libraries" and standalone ports that depend on such "libraries".


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