Im not really sure when the problem began, but I believe it was after
upgrading to 4.7-RELEASE-p2.
2 of the boxes running 4.7-RELEASE-p2 which are also running with Intel
Pro 10/100B/100+ Ethernet cards,
are getting numerous timeouts in the logs.

fxp0: device timeout

When connecting to these boxes, the connections are sluggish, to the point where I can type faster, that the command line can display.
All boxes are connected on a 100Mb network via an SMC EZ-Switch SMC 6308TX switch.
The only thing that has changed in months, is software versions.
The problem seems sporadic. Can't seem to find out how or what is causing the problem.

Is/was there a problem with the fxp drivers, or can someone direct me as to how one goes about to debug this problem.

Thanks for any info you may provide...

Gerard Samuel

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